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What this means for a Windows 10 user is that the OS will periodically download free updates on one device via the internet and then share those updates with other Windows 10 machines on your network.

There are some caveats to that which you’ll learn about below but this feature has the potential to speed up the downloading of Windows 10 updates for most.

WHM/c Panel processing related to the domain logs and bandwidth logs for Accounts, as well as service level logs for c Panel™ and Apache managed by the cpanellogd daemon.Option 1 above is the setting that you need to click to turn off WUDO altogether.If you decide to do this, the other two options will be grayed out. If you choose option 2, it will allow you to share the update with other machines on the local network so it won’t use any internet bandwidth.Hitachi Touro Portable 1tb, USB 3.0 HDD used for image b/ups. I have uninstalled office 2010 using Revo uninstaller so there are no traces :) Am I missing something.I am using Office 2013 Pro & it does not show updates in the normal Windows Update section on my computer.

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