Scott wolf dating history

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"That was right after Britney broke his heart, I swooped in for the kill!" Milano was 29 at the time of the romance, while Timberlake was just 21. At the time, he was 24 years old, while Hewitt was 16 years old. There were a lot of hugs."(The phrase "not even fingers" became a running joke throughout the rest of the episode.)Wolf did confess that it was weird shooting kissing scenes with Jennifer Love Hewitt, who played his on-and-off girlfriend Sarah Reeves Merrin."It's funny because, I don't know, if we filmed the show this year, we probably would've." alum Kelley Limp, with whom he has three kids. "But in this day and age, I don't know, it just seems more kind of acceptable, loose." "To screw around with your sister? PHOTOS: '90s TV stars, then and now "Your TV sister," Wolf clarified. While there must be much more to their story, all Milano had to say was, "Yes, [for] a few years." [Related: Alyssa Milano, Is That You? Milano fans know that it was the late Corey Haim who actually captured the "Who's the Boss?" star's heart for about three years while she was still a teen.

The 40-year-old, who's currently starring in the soapy "Mistresses" and hosts the upcoming season of "Project Runway All Stars," opened up — just a little — as she offered a few words about her past loves as co-hosts Billy Bush and Kit Hoover rattled off the following list of names: Justin Timberlake: While the rest of the world was mourning the 2002 demise of JT and Britney Spears, Milano admits that she was plotting to lure the singer to her side, and she managed to do it … "Yeah, that's true," Milano admitted when she was asked about the "Mirrors" crooner. There were a lot of hugs.” PHOTOS: TV shows gone too soon Wolf also discussed another one of his costars, Jennifer Love Hewitt, who played his on-and-off girlfriend Sarah on the show.Alyssa Milano has got game -- and not just when it comes to baseball., but it seemed as if some viewers were more interested in his days as Bailey Salinger on Fox's teen drama, which aired for six seasons from September 1994 until May 2000. In all seriousness, Wolf said they "did not" cross the professional line. ""To screw around with your sister..." Cohen joked."Your TV sister! Hey, whatever it takes to bring the Salingers back together! In fact, at one point, a viewer called in to ask Wolf if he had ever hooked up with co-star Neve Campbell, who played Julia Salinger, during their six years on the show.

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